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` i did it for you, i did it for me; this song is amazing . LOL

Saturday Apr 4 @ 12:36am

Thursday Apr 4 @ 10:56pm
Thursday Apr 4 @ 09:20pm
I want someone.


I want someone who’ll stay in my life until the end. Everyone I get close to seems to leave my life out of no where without giving me a reason. I’m tired of it, acting like it doesn’t hurt me when the people I care about the most suddenly leaves my life. I know everyone eventually leaves and no one stays in your life forever, but for once I want someone to stay in my life for a reason.

Thursday Apr 4 @ 09:19pm
Thursday Apr 4 @ 09:16pm

Monday Mar 3 @ 12:06am
Sunday Mar 3 @ 11:59pm


Can I just have him?..

Sunday Mar 3 @ 11:50pm
That annoying feeling, when you love being single, but hate not being in a relationship. Sunday Mar 3 @ 11:47pm

Dinner ❤ (Taken with instagram)


Dinner ❤ (Taken with instagram)

Sunday Mar 3 @ 11:07pm
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